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HS Rules

SALI High School Rules      -            

All SALI games will follow NFHS rules with the following exceptions: 

Penalties:  Technical fouls 45 seconds.  Personals 90 seconds and begin when player is on one knee in the penalty box.

Ejections:  player who is ejected from game will sit the next game.   If game is second to last game, player is done for the tournament.  Ejected players should be under supervision of team representative and may not sit with team after ejection.  If team representative is not available for supervision player will be escorted to tournament tent and wait for team to complete the game.

Time:  20 minute running halves  Timeouts: none   Horn:  none   Tie games:  Bravehart (goalies may cross midline)

Bracket Seeding: Seeding for bracket play relies on four objective tie breakers. Your record will be the first factor in seeding. Within records, all two-way ties in pool play will be broken first by head to head match-ups and then by goals allowed. Three-way or more way ties will NOT utilize head-to-head tie breaking and will skip to goals allowed. If records and goals allowed are tied, we will utilize goal differential (7 point cap). If all tie-breaks are tied, the tournament director will flip a coin. Any necessary coin-flips will be available for public viewing at the Coaches’ Game.