The SALI Rules will use the following rules from US Lacrosse with the following exceptions:

US Youth Boys Lacrosse Rules

US Youth Girls Lacrosse Rules


Field Size: Grades 5-6 will use a 110 yard x 60 yard field

Goal Size: All goals will be full size goals

Players on Field:

  • Boys 3/4 - 6 v 6 including goalie.
  • Boys 5/6 & 7/8 - 10 v 10 including goalie
  • Girls 5/6 & 7/8 - 12 v 12 including goalie

Game Time: 20 minute running halves

Overtime: 3 v 3 Braveheart,

Long Stick Interpretation: Many coaches have inquired about the NO long stick rule on our website.   Since we are a mixed tournament with both select teams as well as rec teams participating, we will be modifying the rules as follows: 

  1. We will allow long sticks at the youth level if BOTH TEAMS traditionally play with long sticks.  If ONE TEAM does not play with long sticks then BOTH TEAMS will play with short sticks.  Please have your players bring both long and short sticks to accommodate this situation. 
  2. As the tournament progresses beyond day one, most of the games will be more 'matched' and we anticipate long stick use will become the preferred choice.

Goalies may not cross the mid-line.

Players are limited to playing with one team at the SALI Tournament. Teams must submit a roster prior to the first game at the tournament central tent. Teams found to be playing a player who is on another teams roster may forfeit any games that player played in.


Bracket Seeding: Seeding for bracket play relies on four objective tie breakers. Your record will be the first factor in seeding. Within records, all two-way ties in pool play will be broken first by head to head match-ups and then by goals allowed. Three-way or more way ties will NOT utilize head-to-head tie breaking and will skip to goals allowed. If records and goals allowed are tied, we will utilize goal differential (7 point cap). If all tie-breaks are tied, the tournament director will flip a coin. Any necessary coin-flips will be available for public viewing at the Coaches’ Game. 

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Youth Rules